The construction of enterprise culture is how to draw its own circle
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Once I remember such a philosophical story, I can still understand the truth in it, which has benefited me a lot in my life.

      The story goes like this: a scholar learns from an expert who lives in seclusion. After three years of cold and heat, the man felt that he had absorbed all the knowledge of an expert, so he went to say goodbye. The old man listened to his words, silent, smiling, picked up a branch and drew a big circle on the ground. After waiting for a long time, he drew a bigger circle on the outside of the circle. Finally, the old man threw away the branches in his hands, twisted his silver beard and quietly closed his eyes. The man pondered for a long time and couldn't get his idea.

      The old man looked at his embarrassment, opened his eyes and laughed with relief: "you know, this is the answer I gave you. The first circle represents your initial knowledge. When you are familiar with everything in the circle, if you only see the things in the circle, you will be complacent in the circle you draw, and ultimately you only know the things in the circle. The outer circle is now your knowledge. Although you have broken through the original circle, have you ever thought that there is more space outside the circle and there are more things you don't understand? Therefore, at any time, no matter how you behave and do things, it's like drawing a circle. The bigger we draw, the less we understand. "

      After reading this story, I thought a lot. Life is actually a circle. When we were born, we came to the world naked and brought nothing. When we go, what can we take away? Nothing will be taken away. From the beginning to the end, life is a process of drawing a circle. So how do we draw our own circles? I think we should constantly deny ourselves and surpass ourselves, so as to improve ourselves. If we are like any scholar in the above story, when we have learned some knowledge and mastered them, we must not be complacent, pretend to be experts or experts, and blindly obsessively and persistently correct whether the circle we draw is perfect or not, is it impeccable? If so, we are in a bind, digging a hole for ourselves to bury ourselves.

      To deal with this problem, we should have a rational and sober understanding. We should draw a bigger circle on the basis of what we have learned. To draw this circle, we must show greater courage and determination, which means that we have to deny our immediate achievements and face another starting point. It's like high jump. When we jump 3.12 meters, we shouldn't discuss here whether my take-off posture is beautiful or not, whether my run-up speed is perfect It doesn't help much to study all this. What we should understand more is how to jump above 3.12. The ultimate goal of human beings is not to stay at a certain point, but to constantly challenge their own limits. Speaking of this, I think since we have drawn a circle in our life, we should draw another bigger circle, which is also a challenge to our own limit.

      As the saying goes, "it's easy to fight mountains and rivers, but it's hard to defend mountains and rivers." why do we say that it's easy to fight mountains and rivers, but it's hard to defend mountains and rivers? First of all, it's a matter of mentality. The people who fight against rivers and mountains have a sense of crisis. They are never satisfied with their original foundation and constantly challenge themselves. Therefore, they continue to create brilliant achievements in their military career. Why is it difficult to defend the country? Because at this moment, the mentality is different from that in the early days. People who guard the country have lost the courage to fight against the country. They just want to keep everything in their hands and are afraid of any change. Therefore, the pace of development will slow down. Such a great master will become a fat pig. From making history with lofty ambition to enjoying greedily and holding on to the incomplete, the final outcome is to send himself to the world He went to the slaughterhouse. Let me give you a few examples. In history, Genghis Khan's iron cavalry was so powerful that it laid down the largest territory in Chinese history, which frightened Europe and described it as "the Yellow Peril". However, when the Mongols were satisfied, they let a begging monk win the world in a few years. At the beginning of Qing Dynasty, the children of eight banners were like wolves. They entered the pass from outside the pass to establish a unified country. In the late Qing Dynasty, the children of eight banners became synonymous with doing nothing and eating, drinking and having fun. The reason for this is that they are satisfied to enjoy drawing a good circle instead of drawing a bigger one. I think in the past, we have been closed to the outside world for many years. We have been the leader in our own circle, and we regard ourselves as the kingdom of heaven. As a result, we were despised by our own barbarians, who just opened the door with iron ship guns, and were unscrupulous in our own circle. Since then, China has suffered many years of humiliation and devastation.

      This is also true for countries, enterprises and individuals. Why not run enterprises and behave like this? We should not talk about whether the circle in front of us is perfect with a satisfied mentality, but should develop a bigger circle on the basis of what we have. Only when we constantly surpass ourselves can we find our own value. Now do you have a good idea, dare you draw a bigger circle?

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