Corporate Culture 

Twelve responsibilities of the open source:
1. Pay attention to the confidentiality of information
2. Be willing to contribute ideas, take responsibility for decision-making, explore better working methods, and take the leading role
3. Think what customers think and be anxious about what customers are anxious about
4. Be committed to lifelong learning, knowledge sharing, learning from failure experience and developing various abilities
5. Bring your own unique beliefs, talents and experiences into the workplace, work actively and effectively with a dominant culture, respect other differences and uniqueness, and denounce discrimination and prejudice
6. Give full value to your work, understand and support the company's goals
7. Share tasks and burdens, and clearly understand that personal security is directly related to the long-term success of the company
8. Adapt to new technology, learn new methods, use new tools, support innovation and technological change
9. Take personal health seriously, abide by the safety plan, and actively explore the best physical condition suitable for work.
10. Strive to achieve a high level of quality, ethical behavior and customer satisfaction
11. Actively achieve a balance between focusing on work, family and personal needs
12. Share the public responsibility as active citizens and environmental protection.

Core values:
Unity, integrity and innovation responsibility

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