Current situation and future development trend of daily chemical packaging
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Under the background of the rapid development of China's economy, China's daily chemical industry has also developed rapidly, maintaining a rapid growth trend for many years. Taking the past 2005 as an example, according to the data provided by relevant industry associations, the sales revenue of China's detergent industry in 2005 was 64.8 billion yuan, an increase of 12% compared with that in 2004; the sales revenue of China's cosmetics industry in 2005 was 96 billion yuan, an increase of 13% compared with that in 2004; the sales revenue of China's oral cleaning and care industry in 2005 was nearly 8 billion yuan. With the rapid development of daily chemical industry, the market competition among daily chemical enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to deal with the fierce market competition, and to occupy a place in the market competition, all enterprises are working hard on product development, including the improvement of product packaging. How to make the packaging transmit more product information, and whether the product can attract the attention of consumers with beautiful and unique outer packaging, so as to stand out on the dazzling shelves, has also become the key to whether the product can finally win the favor of consumers.

   due to the significant characteristics of daily chemical products as fast-moving consumer goods, the daily chemical industry has always paid attention to the tradition of product packaging, and packaging has become an inseparable part of daily chemical products. Generally speaking, the packaging of daily chemical products has the characteristics of protection, functionality and decoration, which are as follows: ① the packaging should play a protective role in the process of transportation, storage and use of products; ② the packaging should reflect the characteristics and uses of the products it contains; ③ the packaging should provide convenient use functions for consumers; ④ the packaging should make the products different from other competitors And easy to attract the attention of consumers. According to statistics, 30% of product competitiveness comes from packaging. Packaging is the "silent salesman" of commodities. In addition to protecting commodities, we must also strive to beautify, publicize and induce consumers' desire to buy, so as to enhance the sales competitiveness of commodities in the market. In a word, the importance of daily chemical product packaging mainly lies in that packaging will directly affect the consumer's psychological orientation and purchasing behavior, so how to make the product packaging design meet the consumer's purchasing psychology is an important factor to promote product sales.

   the current situation of packaging of daily chemical products in China, the development of packaging industry and the improvement of technical level in China provide a realistic possibility for the development and improvement of packaging of daily chemical products in China. Through efforts, the packaging of daily chemical products in China has also made great progress, and the development and progress of daily chemical packaging has promoted and driven the development of the whole daily chemical industry in China. At present, the development of China's daily chemical packaging gradually highlights the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technologies and new processes, and the development and substitution of new environmental protection materials. Safe and convenient packaging is more and more welcomed by the market and consumers.

   the status quo of traditional packaging of daily chemical products plastic container is still the main packaging form of daily chemical products. At present, in China's market, plastic container is still the main packaging form of daily chemical products. However, with the increasing variety of products and increasingly fierce market competition, domestic daily chemical enterprises have higher and higher requirements for product packaging materials and packaging design. In product packaging, novel design, diversified material application and continuous innovation become the key to increase product competitiveness. At present, the plastic containers used for daily chemical products are mainly made of pet, PE, PVC and PP. Among them, the application of PET plastic containers in the field of daily chemical products is growing particularly fast. For example, some enterprises and brands such as naais, blue moon, kaimi and Watsons have taken the lead in using PET packaging containers for bath gel, skin care products and washing products. PE is the main packaging material of household washing products.

   high density polyethylene (HDPE) is widely used in washing liquid, various detergents, bathroom cleaners and clothing softeners. At present, high density polyethylene (HDPE) blow molding packaging is widely used in shampoo and bath lotion. HDPE is widely used because of its mature technology, good light avoidance, flexible labeling situation and strong randomness in color selection. PVC is mainly used in cosmetic packaging, but it is gradually eliminated and replaced by PET with better functionality and appearance. PP is widely used in the packaging of medical grade personal and home care products because of its good chemical stability and sealing.

   flexible packaging is a new force in the field of daily chemical packaging. With the continuous maturity and innovation of flexible packaging technology, flexible packaging also quietly appears in the packaging stage of daily chemical products. Especially in recent years, with the rise of international oil prices, the price of raw materials for daily chemical products has been rising. In order to reduce costs, many domestic daily chemical enterprises have begun to consider the issue of flexible packaging. At first, flexible packaging is only used as the main way of supplementary packaging or disposable packaging of plastic containers, but many daily chemical enterprises in order to establish and realize their own differentiated sales and for the sake of environmental protection of packaging materials, make the application of flexible packaging in daily chemical product packaging more and more widely.

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