Cost reduction and efficiency improvement in fluoroplastics processing
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      With the development of economy and high-tech field, the comprehensive and special properties of fluorine-containing new materials are constantly put forward higher requirements. In order to catch up with the world's advanced level, China's fluoroplastics industry actively accelerates the pace of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, improves the comprehensive supporting performance and scientific research level, and makes China's fluoroplastics molding and processing develop to a new stage.

      China's fluoroplastics molding and processing industry began to develop in the 1960s, and it was mainly used in the national defense industry at the beginning. In the late 1980s, the strengthening of military civilian integration and popularization and application made the fluoroplastics molding and processing industry develop rapidly. At present, China has basically mastered the main molding technology of fluoroplastics, such as molding, extrusion, rotary molding, blow molding, spraying and other molding processing methods, and its products are widely used in various fields.

      Different from traditional PE and PP, fluoroplastics have excellent electrical properties. In addition, the dielectric strength, dielectric constant (2.1-2.3), volume resistivity and surface resistivity of perfluorinated plastics remain good in a wide range of temperature and frequency, and are not affected by temperature until the glass transition temperature; they have low hygroscopicity, and their dielectric properties are rarely affected by humidity; the dielectric properties of perfluorinated plastics do not change with time; Perfluorinated plastics are inert to almost all chemicals and solvents, and can maintain their excellent properties even under high temperature and pressure. Therefore, fluoroplastics play an important role in wires and cables.

      Compared with solid wire, FEP (ethylene fluoride polymer) foamed wire not only has light weight, but also has lower dielectric constant and faster transmission speed than solid wire. Using them as cable insulation layer can improve the service life of network. With the acceleration of China's urbanization and the increase of high-rise buildings, people's understanding of wire and cable fire accidents is strengthened, and the requirements for cable fire prevention in various fields are also higher and higher. Due to the excellent thermal stability, low loss and low flammability of fluoroplastics, most of the high-frequency data transmission wires and cables, which must be resistant to high temperature and fire, use perfluoropolymer as insulation layer and outer sheath. At present, category 5 and category 6 digital communication cables using fluoroplastics as insulation materials have been used in the construction of high-speed local area network (LAN) 100MB / S ~ 1000mb / s generic cabling system of high-rise buildings, which can transmit voice, image and data quickly and accurately. At the same time, perfluorinated plastics have low dielectric constant and low loss factor, and are especially suitable for data transmission cables with low attenuation.

      Because of the excellent electrical properties of perfluorinated plastics, with the rapid development of international communication industry, the output value of perfluorinated plastics is also rising rapidly. In order to meet the new market demand, the processing equipment and technology of fluoroplastics are also developing rapidly, mainly focusing on the technical level of productivity improvement. At present, there are high-speed extrusion and ultra-high-speed extrusion wire devices abroad, and corresponding FEP resin with excellent molding stability and suitable for high-speed molding has been developed. In addition to raw materials, the key is to develop high-speed extrusion device, including extruder die, fast traction device, setting, diameter measuring and winding device. High speed extrusion can reduce the cost of products and is very competitive in the market.

      With the development of electronic industry, one of the key technologies in large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing process is cleaning technology. In order to ensure that the high purity of the treatment solution in the cleaning process is not affected, it is necessary to use a container or storage tank that will not precipitate any substances into the treatment solution to store these treatment solutions. Fluoroplastics have low dielectric constant, good thermal stability and excellent resistance to most pollutants Chemicals, good mechanical properties, excellent non stick and anti fouling properties on the surface are the best materials for making these containers.

      At present, the domestic pure fluoroplastic tank generally adopts the rotary molding technology, which is often used in the processing of perfluoro plastic hot box. Now our country has been able to process 50 cubic meters of fluoroplastic hot box, which shows that our country's fluoroplastic rotary molding technology has made great progress. However, the raw materials for rotational molding of fluoroplastics in China are mostly single materials, and the price of pure fluoroplastics storage tank is relatively high.

      At present, the multi-layer composite fluoroplastic tank can be molded by rotary molding in foreign countries, and the ultra purification tank with high practical value can be obtained at one time, and the cost is significantly reduced. The tank is basically composed of three layers. The inner layer is mostly made of fluoroplastics as super clean lining, the middle layer is adhesive layer, and the outer layer is reinforced protective layer. For example, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is used as the lining layer, and polyethylene is used as the protective and reinforcing layer for the outer layer. The characteristic of this design is to combine the low cost of the outer layer polyethylene with the excellent chemical resistance, non adhesion and wear resistance of the inner PVDF, so that the overall performance of the tank is extremely ideal. In the middle layer, a modified polyethylene alloy is used, which contains a material compatible with PVDF. This material can bond polyethylene and PVDF well. It is understood that the tank made by this molding method can be used to transport and store ultrapure water, high-purity etching solution and organic solvent.

      In addition, the development of automatic molding technology suitable for processing some large quantities of small fluoroplastics products (such as gaskets, etc.) is still insufficient in China. Therefore, the technology should be properly developed in the future, including the introduction of necessary equipment, so as to further improve the fluoroplastics molding technology in China.

      Experts believe that as a high-tech industry with technology intensive characteristics, China's fluoroplastics industry is narrowing the gap with foreign advanced technology level, and its future development prospects will be broader.

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