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3advantages to survive with credit and develop with quality

The development of the enterprise adheres to continuous improvement,
continuous innovation and keeping pace with the times,
constantly updating iterative products.

The professional team tests the raw materials in strict accordance with the standard process

The main raw materials into the factory, randomly selected three samples for testing, verify the batch of qualified and process consistency

Tensile property test / vulcanization property test / aging and medium resistance test

Pay attention to the potential needs of customers / understand the performance advantages of similar assemblies abroad

Technology development:Elongation and strength test / ozone aging test / hot air aging test / low temperature elasticity test / rheological curve test / dimensional change test after test

Technological breakthrough:High adhesion strength of rubber to metal and plastic framework / low temperature resistance - 45 ℃ nitrile rubber / ozone resistance nitrile rubber equivalent to EPDM / low pressure variable and high resilience nitrile rubber / mixed brake fluid resistance EPDM rubber

Nearly 21 years of industry experience, many well-known enterprises witness growth

Kaiyuan Rubber & plastic auto parts Co., Ltd. was established in October 1999. It has 21 years of industry experience. It has cooperated with cheetah automobile, Yutong group, Beijing Hyundai, Jinlong bus and other well-known enterprises. Its product quality is guaranteed. It is your reliable auto parts manufacturer;



Unity, integrity and innovation responsibility

Kaiyuan rubber and plastic auto parts Co., Ltd. was established in October 1999, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Now it has more than 100 employees, covering an area of 20000 square meters. Its products are used in pneumatic braking and hydraulic braking. Rubber materials meet the requirements of FDA and UL standards, and some products are used in the food field. Adhering to the concept of honesty and innovation, serving customers and society. The development of enterprises adhere to the principle of continuous improvement, not only innovation, breaking through the limit, leading the industry. Challenge the international advanced level.

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New technology for improving weatherability of PVC building materials

The weatherability of PVC building materials is an important performance index. Recently, the weather resistance of PVC materials is related to the two technologies introduced abroad. The brief introduction is as follows:


Chinese plastics enterprises show signs of recovery

While manufacturing companies around the world are still looking for signs of economic recovery, China's local plastic companies seem to have gradually come out of the trough, thanks to the large-scale economic stimulus plan of the Chinese government. Leading plastics companies in the industry say their business in the domestic market is returning to pre crisis levels. It is predicted that the plastics industry will resume the overall level of double-digit growth in the second half of this year.


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